Monday, June 27, 2011

12 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes - Pink SEDONA LACE

I know I don't own this brush, but I want them so badly, I would love to own this brush today but, it is a bit hard for me to buy high quality band brushes..Since I always thought that SEDONA LACE brushes where very pricey but,  I was wrong the price is very affordable  I was thrilled to know that they are very.. and they are very similar to the high quality bands.. This brushes look very girlie and fun to have in your makeup-kit, please enjoy & visited
And let me know what you think about it.. and remember that the good thing about these brushes are that they are very affordable. ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO DO A REVIEW ON THEM....

Powder Brush 376
Great rounded top for loose powder.

Duo Fibre Brush 813
Great for applying foundation and for Highlighting

Foundation Brush 727
Great for blend the foundation in your body.

Large Angled Contour Brush 850
This angled shaped brush applying blushes, cheek contour and Foundation to..

Concealer Brush 954
This Rounded flat shaped, Great for cream or liquid concealers.

Medium Angled Shading Brush 407
Great for underneath the eyebrow and inner corners of the eyes.

Small Angled Brush 561
Great for brow when filling and gel - Eyeliner...

Large Shader Brush 941
Great for eye shadow primer and creme formulas.

Tapered Blending Brush 863
Blending an all over shadow.

Pencil Brush 904
Greatfor perfect for smudging out eye liner

Eye Shading Brush 305
This brush has a soft rounded top to helps apply loose eye shadows and pigments.

Eyeliner Brush 772
Great for Gel-liner and Losse glitter...

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