Friday, September 27, 2013

Meishenjie lashes

These lashes come in a bolt of 10pairs in a pack, the packaging is super cute very girly, its pink, black and white super girly ♥
The number on the lashes are Q Q 02

They great quality, lightweight very soft  eyelashes and they're perfect for a daily use. If you want to add a funk to your daily use and go from day to night, Just double lashes amazing. ♥

I apply them with Revlon lashes glue,

- Please remember: to sizes your lashes before applying glue.

-Next, curl your real lashes,

-Apply your desire mascara

- Then  apply glue to your fake lashes wait for them to set and then apply,

-For best result, apply with tweezers make sure you apply your lashes to your real lashes and not to your eyelid/SKIN
It is very important that your lashes are at the closest part of you real lashes and not your skin

- next you can apply mascara of your desire to blend your natural lashes with a fake lashes,

-Also you can curl your fake lashes to your real lashes to blend even more.

-Great combination last you all day.
And the best part the price... Yes the price is amazing I got them on eBay 

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