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T3Micro T3Twirl 360 Styling Iron #Twirl360 #iFabboMember #T3Micro T3Twirl 360


Lets talk about the T3 Micro Twirl 360 #T3Micro Styling Iron? Okay whats so special about it?  The barrel is 1.25″ creates amazing curls and loose waves, the perfect barrel size, to create the romantic curls, plus smooth & shines your hair. The T3 Twirl 360 works prefect with hair extensions, I am a very crazy sleeper so that makes my hair messes, freeze & puffy, and the fact that the T3 Twirl 360 Styling Iron makes your hair look like you just come out of the salon without hours in the the salon. AMAZING!
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    What else is unique about the T3 Micro Twirl 360 Styling Iron tool? Well check this out,  you don’t have to do a full turn the barrel it does that for you, I know your'll probably thinking "Real am I that lazy? "NO" well this comes in handy when  you are curling your hair in the back of your head, because you will get full curls it auto-rotate with motion sensor. What? Yeah so you never have half curls anymore that's the hardest part the back hair... The T3 Mirco Twirl 360 Stlying Iron thought about us.  The perfect curls and STOP the burns.

     T3 Micro Twirl360
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     Simply section your hair, clamp, turn wrist, release and finish

      T3 Micro Twirl360

    To use, just press the button under the clamp to start rotating.

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    To curl your hair just rotate your wrist to the way your want your hair to go, yeah its somewhat tricky in the beginning, I think its because I have never use a curling iron with a motion before. But I can say I got the hand of it right away,  its a trip how it detect the direction you want it to go. All you have to do is a small movement and it goes the direction you want,  how cool is that.

    It works best with shoulder length hair, but if all you want is to smooth hair and volume on your hair then the T3 Micro Twirl 360 Styling Iron is right for you.

    Now can we talk about the LONG THE CORD !!!
    Nine-foot 360° swivel cord: professional-length with swivel prevents cord tangling for hassle-free styling 

    What is the Heating setting?
    It has five (5) heat settings up to 410°, two speeds, and T3 tourmaline + ceramic technology. 

    Press the power and temperature 
    switch once quickly to operate at a slower speed or press down for two seconds to operate at a faster speed.
    its that easy!
    #Twirl360 #iFabboMember

    Now how about warranty?

                                           Two-year warranty: comprehensive coverage and support options

    The best part is you can get it a at sephora  
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